Redmi CEO says IP68 certification is totally unnecessary on a smartphone

Unlike other manufacturers, Xiaomi remains faithful to the use of the P2i Nano Coating technology , a liquid-repellent nano-coating treatment that, although in practice provides great resistance to liquids and powders, does not end up being an IP certification .

Without going any further, Lu Weibing , current CEO of Redmi, in addition to Xiaomi president, has assured on networks that in his opinion the IP68 certification is totally unnecessary on smartphone since it certifies unusual situations in day-to-day life.

To get an idea, the IP68 certification not only ensures protection of the terminal against rain and fresh water, but also against salt water . Likewise, terminals with this certification are capable of immersing themselves in up to 1 meter of water without presenting any sealing problem.

«IP53 certification, enough to face the day to day»

In addition, Lu Weibing has added that the IP53 certification itself that has been added to the Redmi K30 Pro, becoming the first smartphone of the firm to incorporate this type of certification, is enough to face any day-to-day accident .

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Remember that the IP53 protection protects the terminal against dust particles that may enter its interior, guaranteeing total protection against splashes or water spray without pressure . In itself, this certification guarantees us:

  • Being able to use the terminal in the rain or near swimming pools.
  • Save our terminal in case of an accident with liquids where a small amount of it is spilled.

Still, Redmi will launch new smartphones with IP68 protection

Such has been the controversy after the statements by Lu Weibing that the CEO himself has had to "correct" his position in order to have ensured that the IP68 certification is totally unnecessary in a smartphone.

El CEO de Redmi asegura que la certificación IP68 es totalmente innecesaria. Noticias Xiaomi A

Publication made on Weibo by Lu Weibing.

Without going any further, in a new Weibo publication, Lu Weibing assured that soon we will see new smartphones equipped with the IP68 certification that both users and My Fans in general like to like.

Source | Weibo

The entry The CEO of Redmi assures that the IP68 certification is totally unnecessary on a smartphone, it was first published on xiaomi: Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi .


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