Protective masks mandatory in Poland until the invention of the vaccine

At a press conference, Prime Minister Morawiecki announced that in order to help the failing economy, isolation restrictions would be carefully and gradually lifted. For starters, more people in stores and more personal freedom.

In four days new, milder restrictions will be introduced in connection with the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. The way shops operate will change from Monday. For the smaller ones - up to an area of ​​one hundred square meters - four people will be admitted for one cash register. For large-scale - over a hundred square meters - is to be lowered, one in each 15 m 2 of surface.

Recreation will be restored, although you will still need to keep your distance and cover your face. Access to forests and parks will also be open, although the playgrounds are to remain closed. Public religious rites will also be allowed, but no more than one person per 15 m 2 may enter the temple . Persons over 13 years of age will be able to move without adult supervision.

The mouth and nose cover will not be lifted until the coronavirus vaccine is marketed.

20 April, milder restrictions due to the coronavirus epidemic . What's next?

Depending on the impact of lifting restrictions on the number of new infected, further steps will be taken to save the economy. These will be taken in stages and carefully, depending on the relationship of new infections to relieve the restrictions.

As part of the second stage, it is planned to open construction stores on weekends, to open hotels and other accommodation, as well as selected cultural institutions: libraries, museums and art galleries.

As part of the third stage, gastronomy is to be opened in a limited way. Hairdressing and cosmetics factories as well as shops in shopping malls will also be open. Sporting events of up to 50 people will be possible (in an open space and without an audience). Kindergartens and nurseries will also be open in a limited way.

The fourth stage is the opening of massage salons and solariums, gyms, fitness clubs, as well as theaters and cinemas under the new sanitary regime.

However, none of the next stages will be implemented if this results in a sudden increase in COVID-19 incidence.

Protective masks mandatory in Poland until the invention of the vaccine


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