Polish coronavirus test is 100% effective

Scientists from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań have developed a completely new method of detecting SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The National Institute of Hygiene has just confirmed that the test created on its basis is 100 percent. effective.

The fantastic Minister of Science Jarosław Gowin, leaving the position today, shared this fantastic news on Twitter.


Polish coronavirus test is 100% effective

Jarosław Gowin said that "the first 150,000 will be produced next week". Radio Zet explains in its material that next week researchers will prepare the first batch of 1000 tests and forward it to the Ministry of Health. It is not until next week that mass production of 100-150 thousand will start. tests financed from a subsidy of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education amounting to PLN 15 million. The average cost of producing one test is about 53 PLN.

We are ready to launch a small, completely free production of approx. tests that we will pass to the ministry for distribution. However, next week we are planning to start mass production under this subsidy, which we received from the ministry. As part of it, we plan to produce 100-150 thousand. tests that will also be forwarded to the ministry and distributed throughout diagnostic laboratories all over Poland - said Dr. Luiza Handschuh from the Department of Molecular and Systemic Biology ICHB PAN.

ICHB PAN Virus Support Group

The first information that the scientists from the ICHB PAN developed a prototype of the coronavirus test appeared on March 20, and then the Wielkopolska Marshal's Office declared the transfer of 100,000 for further research. zł.

As now in his post on Facebook informed prof. Marek Figlerowicz, director of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS, institute employees began developing a method for detecting coronavirus three weeks ago. Thanks to fantastic teamwork, in just twenty days, we managed to create a test that allows you to confirm or eliminate the presence of coronavirus within six hours. At the same time, 92 different samples can be analyzed.


How does the Polish coronavirus test work?

RNA nucleic acid is added to all currently available coronavirus assays, which must then be checked for control. Unlike such tests, the Polish coronavirus test must detect human RNA in the sample itself. When a swab is taken from a patient, we will always find some human cells in addition to the virus. The Polish coronavirus test also checks whether such cells were actually detected in the swab. In this way, you can confirm the correctness of the diagnostic procedure, the correct collection, storage and transport of the sample and the degree of RNA degradation in the sample - explains Dr. Luiza Handschuh from the Department of Molecular and System Biology of ICHB PAN in Poznań.

The first batch of tests will be produced by the institute in cooperation with three Polish companies, each of which will be responsible for a different component.

In the meantime, the test is being legalized before being put into service. So far validation has been done in one unit and will soon be completed in another. Meanwhile, the application at the Office for Registration of Medical Devices has already been submitted, so that the whole procedure should be completed soon.

Commenting on the success of scientists from the ICHB PAN, Minister Jarosław Gowin said:

I don't need to explain to anyone how important this initiative is. The success and health of many people depend on her success. That is why I transferred PLN 15 million to the IPC PAS for this purpose.

Others are also working on the coronavirus test

Already two weeks ago we informed about the fact that the company Genomtec from Wroclaw has developed a mobile device for the detection and recognition of individual viruses, bacteria and fungi. Although the device will be able to detect the presence of viruses in just 15 minutes, we still have to wait a while for its introduction, because the company still has a long way to obtain all necessary certificates.

Polish coronavirus test is 100% effective


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