POCO will launch its own in-ear wireless headphones

After the launch of the POCO X2, little has been known about the signature that gave life to the successful POCOPHONE F1 and that now, like Redmi, constitutes a brand completely independent of Xiaomi and that apparently already prepares its new wireless headphones .

This has been confirmed by the company itself through its Twitter profile , confirming after innumerable surveys about what products we wanted to see, that its first wireless headphones are already on the way .

As we can see under these lines, the new POCO wireless headphones, also known as POCOPHONE, will be in-ear type, that is, to introduce the Redmi AirDots or the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 TWS inside our ears.

Of the rest, a little more detail has been revealed to us by the firm, except that a priori and as with the POCO X2, its launch will only take place in India , the only market to which all its new products will be destined for now.

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Will they be an Indian and somewhat cheaper version of the new Xiaomi Mi Air 2S TWS ? Will they end up reaching the Global market? We can only wait and see what the future holds for us, not only from Xiaomi, but also from each of its sub-brands such as POCO or Redmi.

Source | Twitter

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