PlayStation Plus Rewards expanded in Poland. PS Plus subscribers will save on KFC and on Muscat glasses

The PlayStation Plus Rewards loyalty program has been expanded to include further promotional offers for players paying for the PS Plus subscription on PS4.

PlayStation Plus Rewards is a loyalty program that launched a few months ago in Poland. As part of PlayStation Plus Rewards, PS Plus subscribers receive one-time discount codes to be used for various purchases and services. He cooperates with Sony Computer Entertainment Polska, among others Helios, Prosto, or

KFC, Muscat and SBM are now joining PlayStation Plus Rewards.

New partners are new discounts to use for every active subscriber of the PS Plus service. Players will buy or exchange glasses in the Muscat online store with a discount of PLN 50. KFC offers 10% discounts on all online orders over PLN 25. In turn, selected SBM Label clothing will be available for purchase with a 20% discount.

We activate the discounts on the official PlayStation Plus Rewards website . All you have to do is select the promotion you are interested in and then log in to your PlayStation account. Unfortunately, unlike games immediately in PS Plus, promotions do not renew with each passing month. Discount codes are one-off, which is worth considering when using them.

Today, the PS Plus subscription is an indispensable solution for playing online.

PlayStation 4 owners must pay a PS Plus subscription to participate in the online game. In return, Sony provides two PS4 games for download each month at no additional charge. In April, the PS Plus offer is particularly attractive because we will download the recognized titles Uncharted 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0 . Additional benefits of the PS Plus subscription are discounts at the PS Store digital video game store and storage space for cloud storage.

PlayStation Plus Rewards expanded in Poland. PS Plus subscribers will save on KFC and on Muscat glasses


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