Players are worried whether 3.5mm headphones can be connected to the DualSense for rains. Sony takes the floor

Sony showed the world DualSense controller for PlayStation 5. Although the company announced a number of technologies embedded in the pad, it did not reveal everything. The rendered renders also did not show the controller from all sides. This began to raise legitimate questions.

Although Sony showed us the DualSense controller , it's hard not to get the impression that the Japanese giant is still holding up some surprises. Manufacturers of PlayStation consoles presented only the usable part of the controller, its sides and the front surface with a USB-C socket. We still can't see the controller from below or from the back. This raises the obvious question: does Sony want to hide something? Does he have any aces up his sleeve?

The savings in the presentation of renderings raised anxiety about support for headphones.

DualShock 4 is equipped with a universal 3.5 mm stereo jack for classic wired headsets. This solution is used by many players who have started to worry about the presence of a 3.5 mm input in the new controller. After all, we can not view the device from below, and it is usually on the bottom of the controller that the headphone jack is placed.

Questions about 3.5 mm input appeared in social media so much that Toshimasa Aoki - Play Manager product manager referred to the matter. According to Aoki, DualSense still has a 3.5mm input, thanks to which we can connect headphones to the controller in exactly the same way as we do in DualShock 4. This is very good news. Especially for those players who can't or don't want to afford expensive wireless sets.

DualSense is to recognize users by their voice.

As previously reported, a built-in microphone will appear in the controller. Now we have met one of its additional possibilities. Sony filed a patent in which the microphone is used to isolate noise from the voices of players, as well as assigning heard voices to specific users. Perhaps this way PlayStation 5 will allow you to instantly change your account or add player number two to the game.

Of course, nothing will prevent you from blocking the microphone installed in DualSense. A dedicated button appeared on the controller responsible for muting this component. At this point, one could write a paragraph about eavesdropping electronic devices connected to the network, were it not for the fact that for years we have been eavesdropping on televisions, loudspeakers, grajbelki, smartphones, tablets, computers, watches and just game consoles. We lost this fight before we realized for good that we were taking part in it.

What other secrets can DualSense have?

It is very likely that Sony intentionally does not show the backs of its latest controller. There may be e.g. additional triggers on them. This solution is found in many top third-party controllers and Microsoft Elite pads. Another idea that comes to my mind is placing additional sensors and sensors on the bottom. Eg such as measuring pulse, very useful for developers of interactive horror movies. However, these are only my loose agonies.

Players are worried about whether 3.5mm headphones can be connected to the DualSense for rains. Sony takes the floor


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