Pixel 4a XL is not coming, but is now appearing on eBay

The Google Pixel 4a seems to be coming soon. In contrast, the Pixel 4a XL has not been heard for months. Has it been deleted? However, it is now popping up on eBay.

A photo of the allegedly XL version of the Pixel 4a has just appeared in an eBay offer . It is a white replacement back for the model. The design differs a little from that of the upcoming Pixel 4a.

Google Pixel 4a XL Rückseite Cover
Google Pixel 4a XL back cover (source: eBay)

Given that it is currently said that there will only be the Pixel 4a in two colors - black and blue - it is likely that this case will show Google's original plan of a Pixel 4a / 4a XL pair.

It could really be the upcoming Google Pixel 4a XL that has been successfully hidden up to this point. Unfortunately, that is less likely.

The start of Google Pixel 4a, however, seems to be right outside the door. It is not known whether it will happen in April. Google never says anything about it.

The Pixel 4a XL post is not coming, but is now appearing on eBay and first appeared on Xiaomist .


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