Paralives is the first serious competitor of The Sims for many years

The Sims is second to none. The fourth edition of the series sells perfectly, and it is also available on desktop consoles. So far EA Maxis has not had any competition in its yard, but now it is changing. Meet the Paralives.

Paralives is a completely new project of Alex Masse - a video game developer known on the stage of simulators and production with subjects similar to The Sims. Masse decided to create his own title, with more freedom in designing and creating a house than in The Sims. This is how Paralives was born.

The Paralives card went on Steam , but the game is only at an early stage of production.

Alex Messe organized a small studio, working on the title with several other people. Developers obtain financing through Patronite, where almost five thousand people donate almost $ 8,000 a month to implement an ambitious idea. Now that the product has hit Steam, these values ​​can increase significantly.

At the same time, the first video materials showing some aspects of Paralives in action have been uploaded to the network. We can walk around the apartment, see the process of forming hair or editing Christmas decorations. Watching these materials, it's hard not to get the impression that Paralives is more like an interior design program than a simulation of real life. Of course, this is due to the fact that the project is in its early stages.

Paralives is supposed to allow much, much more than The Sims.

In The Sims 4, we will not design an apartment up to an inch, unless we install a dedicated modification. Paralives are designed to be more accurate, flexible and meticulous. If we want, we will move the bread knife located on the kitchen counter a few centimeters to the right, and also change the shape of the present under the Christmas tree. The game will allow you to recreate your own apartment almost one to one.

At the same time, interpersonal relationships characteristic of The Sims series are to appear in Paralives. The inhabitants of the virtual world will be distinguished by diverse psychological profiles and unique features, which are also passed on to future generations. Unfortunately, at the moment we can't even see the humanoid inhabitants of the virtual world. Only the pooch was presented behind the screenshots.

Paralives will be ready when "ready".

And that's my biggest fear about this interesting title. Because although Alex Messe seems to be an experienced and responsible person, I have seen too many The Sims killers who finished themselves before they even hit the store shelves. I wonder if it will be different with Paralives. I keep my fingers crossed for this project, but I don't expect too much or expect a quick debut.

  • Paralives on Steam .

Paralives is the first serious competitor of The Sims for many years


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