Now your Xiaomi Mi Band will be able to detect coronavirus symptoms thanks to the Notify & Fitness app

The Xiaomi Mi Band has become one of the most recommended smart bracelets on the market. Not only for its attractive price, but also for its countless functions such as detecting coronavirus symptoms through the Notify & Fitness APP .

For those of you who don't know it, Notify & Fitness is an application available on the Google Play Store for free that was born as an alternative to Xiaomi's Mi Fit application . From it we can not only monitor all the data collected by the Mi Band, but also configure all kinds of notifications.

Best of all, the latest update to Notify & Fitness has added a new mode capable of alerting us in case of detecting COVID-19 symptoms . This is achieved thanks to the continuous monitoring of our heart rate and its increase in case of fever.

Now your Xiaomi Mi Band will be able to detect coronavirus symptoms. Xiaomi  News

New functionality in Notify & Fitness.

Basically, Notify & Fitness will warn us if it detects a higher than normal daily heart rate , a symptom that could be translated as fever and therefore, comply with one of the first symptoms that the coronavirus shows.

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Even so, Notify & Fitness clarifies along with this new update that it is not a 100% functional functionality , that is, the increase in our heart rate could be due to innumerable causes.

Even so, this interesting mode will allow us to be forewarned and in case of warning us, take the necessary measures to check if we are really infected. Do not forget that the Government of Spain has made available to us by Autonomous Communities a contact and consultation telephone number related to the Coronavirus .

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