Nokia 7.3: 48 MP or 64 MP quad camera on board?

In the third quarter , the Nokia 7.3 is another model of the middle class from HMD-Global. Now details of the model's camera have appeared.

A new report by Nokia Power Users says that the Nokia 7.3 will come with an improved quad camera system. However, it still does not seem to be quite sure about the resolution of the main camera.

The Nokia 8.3 5G and the Nokia 5.3 are equipped with a round camera module on the back, which suggests that the four cameras of the Nokia 7.3 are also arranged in a circular camera setup.

NPU has announced that the final camera configurations of the Nokia 7.3 are not yet available. A prototype of the smartphone is said to be equipped with a 48 MP sensor with Zeiss optics. There is a possibility that a 64 MP module could ultimately be expected. The other camera sensors of the quad camera of the Nokia 7.3 could consist of a depth sensor, a macro camera and an ultra wide-angle lens.

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