Nokia 7.2 gets Android 10

HMD Global is now rolling out the Android 10 update for Nokia 7.2. The mid-range smartphone now has the new Android iteration.

It took a while to finally make Android 10 available for Nokia 7.2. But what takes a long time is finally good. Now it's finally here!

Nokia 7.2
Nokia 7.2 (Source: HMD Global)

And that is what Nokia 7.2 users expect with the new Android version. In addition to the usual innovations of Android 10, Nokia has also optimized a little:

  • Gesture control : Controlling the Nokia smartphone is now even easier thanks to faster and more intuitive operation
  • Smart Reply : Receive suggestions for smarter replies to messages
  • Improved data protection : Users have more control over their personal data and can control when the location is shared with apps
  • Focus Mode : Allows distracting applications to be blocked when one has to concentrate on the essentials
  • Family Link : Now part of the Digital Wellbeing settings that help parents set basic digital rules for the whole family. For example, you can define which app can be used for how long and for what period of time the smartphone is locked

As always, the Nokia 7.2 Android 10 update will be distributed to users in waves. Means some of you may have to wait a little longer.

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