Nintendo Switch Pro with two screens and Tera X1 + - the first leaks from the system code

Yesterday's software update for Nintendo Switch brought more than just the ability to change the button layout and transfer games. The software code 10.0.0 found information related to the speculated platform Nintendo Switch Pro.

For a year, sources similar to Nintendo have reported that the Japanese company plans to release two new versions of Switch. The first will be cheaper, the second more expensive and more efficient. The economical Nintendo Switch Lite is already a fact, but the device commonly called Switch Pro still has not seen the light of day. While waiting for the official announcement of this product, Nintendo fans discovered the first clues pointing to the new device.

Nintendo Switch Pro has left a mark in the latest software update 10.0.0.

Mike Heskin - Internet user searching lines of code for interesting news - found interesting information in the latest SwitchOS update. The software with number 10.0.0 is the first to introduce preliminary partial support for a completely new device, temporarily named nx-abcd. It is worth recalling that NX is the working name of Switch.

The new device in the Nintendo portfolio also suggests DRAM operation profiles. For five new profiles, three refer to previously unknown hardware. Rather, we are not dealing with chance. Heskin has found evidence that Nintendo is working on a new device.

Nintendo Switch Pro ... with two screens?

The most interesting, rather unexpected information in the update code is the mention of a second display reserved exclusively for the new model. Does this mean that Nintendo Switch Pro will work like 3DS and 2DS consoles? The second screen can be used to display additional information such as a map, inventory or task log.

When I first read about the second screen, I immediately came to emulation of DS and 3DS titles. Perhaps Nintendo Switch Pro will be the only console in the family on which you will run the collection from previous Nintendo handhelds? Such a solution would be fantastic. I would love to return to Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pokemon Moon or Metroid: Samus Returns.

The heart of Switch Pro is to be the improved Tegra X1 +

My editorial colleague Maciek Gajewski is already working on describing the possibilities behind this arrangement. A separate article about this issue will soon appear on Spider's Web. Here I will write only that preliminary estimates indicate a 25% increase in efficiency relative to Switch and Lite, while maintaining the same temperature. This 25% increase does not seem to be any revolution. However, if thanks to him the productions of external producers such as The Witcher 3: Dziki Gon, Mortal Kombat 11, Overwatch, Dauntless, Fortnite or Vampyr are to be a bit faster and a bit nicer, I don't mind.

When can we expect the release of the Nintendo Switch Pro? We don't know that. Analysts indicate, however, that the most reasonable debut will be before PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X appear on store shelves. Is autumn 2020?

Nintendo Switch Pro with two screens and the Tegra X1 + - the first leaks from the system code


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