# NieKÅ‚amInstalatora, because in a month there will be no one to activate landline internet in Poland

Technicians of telecommunication companies belong to this category of employees, which cannot be put up as part of the "national quarantine". Installations are waiting and customers ... they don't want to wait.

Especially today, when the Internet turns out to be extremely needed. As is the case with social responsibility during a pandemic, we see everywhere around us, so in the telecommunications industry nervousness is slowly growing. But it is still one of those industries with which reality is handled fairly kindly.

The industry has been struggling with the problem of installing internet and television services since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Telecoms are both about employee safety and keeping companies running. An unwitting visit to a quarantine household, or God forbid, with COVID-19 sufferers is at least a quarantine for the entire assembly team, and for smaller telecoms, and for the entire company.

Therefore, the industry is seeking access to information about patients and those isolated, but as far as I know, for now it must be enough for the humble appeals to local sanitary authorities to verify the addresses at which orders for assembly of services are located. Some sanepids, as is usually the case in such cases, are kind and willing to help, while others are upset. That is why the appeal: # NieKłamInstalatora, because in a month there will be no one to activate landline internet in Poland!

And a little digression:

Have you noticed that all modern internet services (in a fixed network) require technical assistance, and did you run the good old Neostrada yourself?

It is true that only this to a speed of 20 Mb / s ... However, not all areas of technology are developing equally satisfactorily. If Internet self-installation were the norm today, telecoms would have less trouble in abnormal times. However, as I mentioned earlier, they are happy among Polish companies.

Overall, the situation is not going well lately. World average temperatures are rising and forests are burning. With us, after a pleasant (?) Light winter, it goes into a severe drought. In addition, an epidemic, PiS in power, and the police catch cyclists. Ahead of us is the recession, already announced by the crisis of the century (I hope it's not quite accurate and exaggerated). This year, we will probably taste it, but they'll be called us since the New Year.

It won't be fun.

However, telecoms are lucky to provide a product of first necessity, i.e. communication. I think that after this year's epidemic, voice communications and broadband internet will go to the TOP5 necessary products right after electricity and toilet paper. Not everyone uses gas anyway, and water can be bought in the store.

So less playfully, telecoms have the status of stable enterprises, relatively resistant to economic fluctuations. Precisely because they provide basic goods, i.e. connectivity. Orange and Play have already published official positions on the impact of the epidemic on business, and it follows that the situation is admittedly serious and uncertain, but no one is expecting this year's disaster. Certainly no entrepreneur from the catering, event, hotel or transport industry can say that.

In telecommunications companies, it could have been assumed that revenues from services are still good, although revenues from the sale of equipment have decreased. For telecoms it is a bit of a problem, but not so big again, because the margin on the phones is not so important for them.

For me, the test of their situation is the issue of the 5G auction, which has been formally ongoing since March, for which the telecommunications industry is to spend at least PLN 2 billion. Despite the uncertain situation, no one proposes to suspend or cancel the proceedings in order to save on frequencies and save finances. Ergo: it's not so bad. We can be calm about our cells and the internet. It's good enough.

Christmas cordialities!

Łukasz Dec - founder and editor of the website TELKO.in . Journalist in the technology industry for almost 20 years.

# NieKłamInstalatora, because in a month there will be no one to activate landline internet in Poland


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