Next year will not belong to PlayStation 5. Sony is to focus on PS4

Sony is apparently more and more afraid of the scenario in which PlayStation 5 will have as difficult a start in the market as it once was PlayStation 3. The global crisis has reportedly revised the views of a company that now wants to put more emphasis on the current generation console.

Already this Christmas, under some Christmas trees, the first lucky ones will find PlayStation 5. This is a promising gaming console, which is to be packed with the latest technologies. Some of the solutions used in it are rarely found even on gaming PCs for enthusiasts. This is without a doubt a premium product that will impress with technical solutions and ... which will not be among the cheapest.

Given the spectacular success of PlayStation 4 and the increasing average average consumer electronics spending, the direction Sony took seemed pretty obvious. However, no one predicted the global outbreak of the coronavirus that would significantly impact consumer purchasing power and introduce unforeseen problems in supply chains.

According to information obtained by Bloomberg , PlayStation 5 will be more expensive than PlayStation 4 by comparing console prices on the day of their premiere. What's more, Sony reportedly has a problem with obtaining modern components of an ambitiously designed new console. This will result in both lower demand and lower supply.

PlayStation 5 will hit the market "in limited quantities", PlayStation 4 will remain a mass product.

According to sources usually reliable Bloomberg, Sony's response to the new reality is to put more emphasis on PlayStation 4. By March 2021, five to six million consoles will hit the market. A price range of 500 dollars is being considered. up to 550 dollars So in direct (i.e. the amounts are probably underestimated) conversion into native currency from 2 to 2.5 thousand. zł.

The main source of acquiring new users of PlayStation Network are to be significantly cheaper and already produced in large quantities PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles. Until the market situation returns to normal. How does this relate to the direct competitor of PlayStation 5, which is the Xbox Series X ?

Microsoft has not yet given the price of its equally ambitious console, although it has repeatedly declared that it intends to fight Sony with the price - as far as it will be able. The company, however, officially stated that the Xbox Series X in terms of hardware is already completed, and Microsoft's supply chains are fully operational, despite the epidemic. An open question remains the demand for a new, expensive console from the Xbox line.

What does this mean for us players?

If Bloomberg's information coincides with reality, this is good news in the final balance sheet. The inevitable economic crisis is coming, as a result of which many of us will probably have to postpone the purchase of a new console for later. Increasing pressure on PS4 means that games for this platform will be created longer and in larger quantities (in addition, PlayStation 5 will launch almost all games from PlayStation 4).

This also means that less emphasis will be placed on games that use the full power of the new console. It is true that Sony has not withdrawn - and probably will not - the declaration that for the premiere of PlayStation 5 will be ready games so advanced that their transfer to PS4 would not be possible. However, it will probably allocate more resources to the production of subsequent games for the older console at the expense of versions dedicated exclusively to PS5.

External publishers will decide on a similar step. Microsoft also announced, before the epidemic, that Xbox Games Studios games will at least by the end of 2021 create games on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, which will also make it difficult to show the power of the new console.

So, basically, only the first buyers of PlayStation 5 will lose, who later, and only for a while, will receive a large number of games that fully use the power of the new console. Tens of millions of PS4 owners and people looking for a new, affordable gaming console will benefit. And Sony will avoid a replay of history when too expensive (and too modern?) PlayStation 3 was close to bringing the entire PlayStation department to collapse.

Next year will not belong to PlayStation 5. Sony is to focus on PS4


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