Netflix improves parental controls. From now on, guardians can password selected profiles

Netflix improves its parental protection. It is thanks to her that you do not have to get confused in translations, when the children, who out of curiosity turned on 365 days, ask what you are doing on the screen.

It may come as a surprise to many people, but the Netlix family plan was not created so that we could pay less by sharing the cost of the subscription with a close friend or father-in-law discovered by Allegro. This plan was created with families and their needs in mind, including the need to control parents over what their branches see.

Improved parental controls on Netflix.

Until now, parental control on Netfliks was based primarily on marking individual profiles as child or youth profiles and setting a PIN code that blocked access to films from an age category higher than the minimum set by the guardians. These options have just been enriched with further options.

From now on, guardians can password their chosen profiles with a PIN code.

A secret four-digit password will protect it from unexpected visits by uninvited guests, including minors, who would like to circumvent the restrictions imposed on them in this way.

Another limitation works according to the principle: from the eyes it is from the heart. The viewing restrictions in the center of the profiles will allow you to block specific movies, series or programs so that they will not even be visible from the level of the specific profile and will not lead our children to temptation.

Netflix also informs that on the profiles marked as for children there are new, different in different countries, filters that limit the display of content not adapted to the age of the shoot. If we do not fully trust them, we will be able to check what our kids see on their profile in the browsing history in the account settings (protip from the author of the text - you can also just ask about it to the children)

To add PINs, change profile settings or introduce other restrictions, you must enter the Netfliks account password in the application. This is to protect parents from being cut off by their children. Well, unless they shared the slogan with them, well ... successful negotiations.

Netflix improves parental controls. From now on, guardians can password selected profiles


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