Netflix: 13 films and series for your Easter weekend

Netflix has 13 films and series on offer for Easter weekend and next week. There are some interesting things about. So you can pass the time over Easter a little.

Below is an overview of all the new films, series and shows on Netflix this week. And especially at Easter, when excursions are not allowed this year, a couch evening may be more fun and change your mind.

All new films on Netflix this week

  • now: The Gambler
  • from now on: What to do if there is a fire?
  • from now on: Menace
  • from now on: disobedience
  • now: The Big Show Show
  • now: The Infiltrator
  • April 10: Great White Shark 4 - The Billing
  • April 10: LA Originals
  • April 10: My WWE Main Event
  • April 10: Love. Wedding. Repeat
  • April 10: school life
  • April 10: Tigertail
  • April 10: Meg

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