Lineage OS 17.1 finally released

The start of LineageOS 17.1 based on Android 10 was a bit bumpy. A few days ago, LineageOS 17.1 went live on the official LineageOS download page. Unfortunately, the builds were removed two days later because they all stopped working due to signing problems.

But really, now the ROM's are available for download . A total of 50 models will be supplied with LineageOS 17.1. Other models are likely to be added later.

LineageOS (Source: LineageOs )

With LineageOS 17.1 it is possible to install the Google services afterwards. The development of the latest version of LineageOS took a little longer, the code has been available since September 2019.

All Android security patches since October 2019 are included in LineageOS 17.1. Unfortunately, you cannot install the Custom ROM on Huawei smartphones instead of the existing EMUI. Huawei has put a stop to the installation of custom ROMs.

But maybe you should rethink that, because this way, Huawei users could officially come to the Google services again.

Lineage OS 17.1, finally released , first appeared on Xiaomist .


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