LG: Future smartphones should look so beautiful

LG will not launch a new flagship series. The long-planned LG G9 ThinQ was canceled . For this comes a new upper middle class - with a completely new design.

LG's new mid-range smartphone will be launched in May. Then with a completely new design for the manufacturer. A completely new design language will be introduced with the model.

The smartphone itself has not yet been announced, but now the new design. LG also has pictures of new designs released . The glass on the front and back is slightly bent and there is a new camera design.

Due to the curved glass on the front and back, the phone should be much better in the hand. And the feel should be significantly improved, sounds like you want to use significantly higher quality materials.

Everything sounds very exciting. Spring 2020 seems to be a fresh start for LG after the manufacturer's smartphones have been rather disappointing in recent years.

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