Kaufland sells packages with the most-needed products. We can also order them online

Stores double and triple to deal with coronavirus confusion. Kaufland starts selling online, but not what you think.

With current restrictions, stipulating that only three times as many people can be in the store at a time as there are open cash registers, they give a toll both to shops and consumers. In addition, only elderly people can shop between 10am and 12pm.

The sharpening is obviously right, but it causes Dante's scenes . There are terribly long queues in front of supermarkets, and the separation of a narrow time window for seniors has led to the fact that they must stand in the cold and thus further risk their health.

Different stores offer different solutions to these problems. For example, Biedronka and Lidl have extended working hours so as not to accumulate the number of buyers during the day. Kaufland, in turn, has just announced that it will start selling online, but in a completely different form than one would expect.

Shopping in Kaufland on the internet dedicated to seniors.

Kaufland has not released its entire online catalog, such as Tesco. We cannot go to the website and order selected products.

Instead, the chain of stores will provide special #Zostanwdom packages, consisting of food and chemical products most needed for life (yes, toilet paper too).

The package will cost PLN 115.98 + PLN 19.99 per shipment. Inside, you'll find both brand and own brands of Kaufland.

Kaufland will allow online shopping

For now, the network is conducting test sales of parcels in a dozen or so stores in Łódź, Bydgoszcz, Gdynia and Wrocław. Instead of wandering around the store, you can simply grab such a package and go with it to the checkout.

Soon, #Zostanwdom packages will also be available online for purchase via the popular Mango platform. The package will reach customers within 48 hours of ordering, which is a great result against the background of waiting times in online food stores, which often reach several weeks.

Kaufland's form of selling parcels is clearly dedicated to seniors, judging by the contents of the parcel and its price.

However, it must be admitted that although this way of selling may seem controversial, for many elderly people it may be the easiest and safest way of shopping.

Certainly safer than sticking out for a few hours in the cold or wandering around stores where the risk of lethal infection for seniors SARS-CoV2 increases.

Kaufland sells packages with the most-needed products. We can also order them online


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