Kajko and Kokosz and Polana will make quarantine more pleasant. Polish classics from today on GOG.COM

canoe and hen clearing

These were the days. When Polish game developers did not yet have budgets and experience to compete with the West. So they focused on the Polishness of their productions, which was very good for them.

We are pleased to live in a country where the video game industry is doing particularly well. CD Projekt and Techland productions hit the covers of the most important Western gaming publications, and yet these are just two of the best known examples. However, Poland has not always been such an important force on this market. Although passion was not lacking from the very beginning.

I am old enough to remember these beautiful times when our creators took their first steps in this demanding market. As a regular reader of Top Secret and Secret Service magazines, I closely followed all news as a little boy. And I wanted to try everything.

Polish games from the first half of the nineties - not counting very few exceptions - were not very innovative. Most of the productions were fakes of American and Japanese games. It was no different with Kajek and Kokosz and Polans - which attracted your attention to this text. The first game handful drew from the production of Sierra and Lucasarts. The clearing, in turn, is a pretty successful clone of the first Warcraft.

Despite this, they played many games eagerly. And not because of supporting the Polish gaming market.

In my youth, the concept of buying games in the store was ... well, say, in its infancy. A significant part of my friends supplied games from friends, copying them brazenly onto floppy disks or on the so-called computer market, where it was also difficult to find games on original media. There was hardly any mention of wanting to help the Polish market.

Despite this, we played these games very willingly, and these often collected high marks in the Polish gaming press. Despite the secondary nature in the mechanics of these games and the quality often outperforming foreign productions, these titles could not be denied a unique atmosphere. And which is still a unique value defending itself today. Polish humor and the way stories are told are truly unique.

And now thanks to GOG.COM we can remember it. Glades, Kajko and Kokosz are now available for purchase.

Kajko and Kokosz is a classic point and click adventure game in which instead of reflexes or tactical abilities we will solve puzzles requiring us to be observant and associate facts. The game was created with the participation of Janusz Christa, the author of absolutely brilliant comics, on the motives of which this production was created. It refers to many events described in them, it also perfectly transfers the characteristic sense of humor and line of Christa to the computer screen. The game costs PLN 15.

The second novelty is Polanie II. This is a game which - I am so sorry about everyone - I don't know. However, using the distributor's description, it is a RTS mix of RPG that takes the player into a fantasy world filled with dangerous mages, noble knights and brave warriors. Sounds good, but it's a relatively new game - from 2003. I'm more interested in the promotion associated with this game. By June 29, 15:00, when buying Polan II at GOG we will also receive the first part of Polan, visible in the GOG.COM library as an add-on to the game.

The first part of the Polans is a cult clone on the Polish (and only Polish ...) clone of the first part of Wacraft, which instead of moving us into the fantasy world with orcs and magicians, tells about the fate of Mirek and his settlement in Poland in the year 698. Although this is not an absolute copy. The RTS game of the Polish MDF studio - apart from the characteristic audiovisual setting - has introduced several novelties, such as regenerating sources of natural resources or a greater focus on economy, which in an interesting way hinders the building of an army.

Both games (actually three titles) are now available for purchase and download. Just in time for the weekend.

Kajko and Kokosz and Polana will make quarantine more pleasant. Polish classics from today on GOG.COM


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