It will be huge, bright and golden. Look at the pink moon tonight

Tonight there will be so-called pink moon. You won't see a bigger and brighter moon this year.

Exactly at 0:44 at night from 7 to 8 April, the Moon will approach the Earth at a distance of 353 252 km - the smallest distance in its orbit around the Earth, after which it will gradually move away from us.

At the same time, passing through this nearest point of its orbit, the Moon will be approaching the full moon, which will be only 3 hours later at 4:35. The combination of these two facts will make the Moon on average 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than when it is full when the Moon is furthest from Earth. The next opportunity to observe such a large moon will be May 7, 2021.

The weather forecasts for the whole country today indicate ideal conditions for observation. Importantly, the Moon can be safely admired from home, through the window or from the balcony, without the need to go outside, because you know ... # stay home.

Is the super moon really so cool?

Well, not really. In fact, the size of the moon in the sky is larger when the moon is closer to Earth than further, but at the same time we can tell the differences of this order when we see a juxtaposition of two moons of different sizes.

However, if we went outside during the full moon and someone suddenly asked us if the Moon was normal size or larger than usual, we would most likely not be able to tell.

Still, look at the moon today ...

Since the Moon will be in the sky today, and will be larger than usual, and in addition will be a clear sky, it is worth spending a moment on some reflection.

First of all, imagine that it is quite real that in its south pole in a few, several years there may be people who will explore and extract water ice from eternally shaded craters.

By the way, in 1969-1972 people landed on the moon several times, right? Have you ever wondered where exactly?

The map below presents the landing sites of all manned lunar missions carried out under the Apollo program. Find them on the shield of today's super moon and remember at least one or two.

The number 11 marked the place of the first manned landing on the moon. It was there that Neil Armstrong put his foot on the surface. The number 17 marked the place where people were standing for the last time. When in December 1972 astronauts took off from the surface of the Moon, they probably did not expect in their darkest dreams that the conquest of space had just ended for another half a century and for many decades no one would be further away than they were.

I bet you none of your friends know that. You will know now.

Tonight the moon will appear in the sky at 18:45 and will set in the morning at 6:11.

It will be huge, bright and golden. Look at the pink moon tonight


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