It is official, the first Redmi Band will be officially presented this April 3

Beyond the rumors that the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 would be presented this week, Redmi has made it official that its first smart bracelet will be announced in just 24 hours , that is, on April 3.

This has been published by the firm itself through its official profile on Weibo , letting us see this new Redmi Band in red and that apparently will have quite basic functions and a really reduced price.

As you can see, this mysterious Redmi Band that practically none of us expected, seems to have a fairly simple design. And it is that a priori, this first advertising teaser does not show us any type of screen or physical button on its surface.

It is now official, the new Redmi Band will be officially presented on April 3. Xiaomi  News

With this, Redmi gives us to understand that it could be some type of exercise and heart rate quantification bracelet , which beyond monitoring our daily activity and sleep, would not have the usual uses that we can give to the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4.

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Still, it is only a first contact, so in just 24 hours we will know all the details of this unexpected smart bracelet that will be presented along with 21 other new products in celebration of the My Fan Festival 2020 .

Source | Weibo

The entry is now official, the first Redmi Band will be officially presented on April 3, it was first published on xiaomi: Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi .


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