Internet at Play free of charge for the first quarter

Play has a proposal for customers who now need mobile internet. The network offers a promotion for the first three months of the subscription free of charge.

Because of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus that causes Covid-19, many people are learning and working remotely. However, video conferencing and file transfer require network access. Consumers, who until now had enough mobile internet on their phones, can now look for an additional link to computers and tablets.

One cannot buy landline internet everywhere. In addition, the waiting time for fitters due to the Covid-19 disease pandemic can now be significantly extended. However, mobile operators are coming to the rescue, who are now organizing numerous promotions.

Internet at Play free of charge for the first quarter

Operators are aware that the internet is now necessary for many people, but because of the coronavirus many people have been out of work, and the next salary has been cut. For this reason, Play has decided that as part of the promotion, it will not charge for its internet for the first three months of the subscription.

As part of the new offer, after the quarter has expired, Internet access at Play will pay PLN 40 per month. As part of this fee, you can count on 100 GB of transfer to your SIM card. People who decide on an offer with a modem from the operator will pay PLN 50 per month.

Which router can I buy at Play ?

The offer network were two devices, and both cost a token sum. Play recommends both a Huawei B311 home router to which devices can be wired or wi-fi connected, as well as the Huawei E5783 portable wireless router.

The first device will be suitable for most customers. The second will be useful to those who cannot take part in the #domain action and must leave home for work.

The operator reminds you that there is no need to visit the salon to collect the card and equipment. The delivery of the SIM and optional router to the indicated address is free. You also don't have to wait for a fitter at home and expose yourself to infection by contacting him, as is the case with landline internet.

Internet at Play free of charge for the first quarter


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