InPost gives out presents for quickly receiving parcels from Paczkomaty. You must be up to 2 hours

Parcel lockers are experiencing a siege now. However, InPost has found a way to empty it faster. For this purpose, he gives out a subscription to audiobooks at Audioteka.

In the era of coronavirus pandemic, the courier industry is overloaded and is noting the only huge increase at the same time . We now order many of the products we usually went to the store for ourselves online. The effects of increased interest in services are also felt by InPost.

Parcel lockers that do not require contact with other people are even more popular than usual. The problem is that these machines have limited capacity. Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, some of them clogged, and now this problem is even more acute.

InPost found a way for parcels to be picked up from Paczkomaty a bit faster.

InPost has already stated that it will implement the parcel delivery service to parcel machines on weekends faster than initially planned and will not charge for it . Now, in order to encourage customers not to delay receiving their shipments, InPost will offer them the option of subscribing to audiobooks for free.

The company has established a partnership with Audiotka, one of the largest websites offering books read by a teacher in Polish. In addition to books paid for individually, the service has recently added a subscription option and it is the subscription that people using Paczkomaty can count on.

inpost parcel audiobooks audioteka

How to receive a code for audiobooks from Audioteka ?

All InPost customers can pick up free audiobooks, but they must meet one condition. It is collecting a package from a Parcel Locker within a maximum of two hours of receiving an SMS with information about the delivery of the package.

After receiving the package, simply enter its number on a special website , and then receive a unique code. This must be entered at Thanks to this, you can listen to audiobooks from a database of about 2 thousand. unlimited positions for a month.

InPost gives out presents for quickly receiving parcels from Paczkomaty. You must be up to 2 hours


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