Huawei presents its first OLED TV. Yes, it will also reach Europe

Vision X65

Soon a new dangerous rival will appear on the market of luxury OLED TVs. For now, Huawei Vision X65 will be sold in China, but its manufacturer also announces plans for rapid expansion into Western markets.

According to many (though not all) enthusiasts, it is the OLED matrixes - thanks to the perfect contrast that is easy to achieve - are the best image generation technology today. Huawei has ignored her until now. The company takes its first steps on the TV market very carefully, focusing mainly on a cheap and massive product on the domestic market. Now, however, the time has come for the first premium product. And apparently it is also to be distributed to European distribution.

Huwei Vision X65 - 65-inch OLED TV with HarmonyOS system.

The OLED 4K matrix of the Vision X65 TV was manufactured by LG Display, but that basically ends the solutions borrowed from partners. Vision X65 is almost entirely original design, starting from the processor itself. The Honghu 898 chip from Huaweia's HiSilicon is to be responsible for operating system support and image processing.

Vision X65

The TV operating system will be the proprietary HarmonyOS platform, with which Huawei has great hopes. The company cannot do business with Google today, so it cannot use Android and Android TV systems in its products. If application developers are interested in HarmonyOS, Huawei hopes to use this platform in the future not only on TVs, but also on telephones or personal computers.

An interesting feature is the camera built into the TV, the purpose of which is somewhat reminiscent of Microsoft's Kinect. It can be used for video calls, but also to track movement during exercise or to operate the television using gestures.

Further technical details are not yet known. We only know that the Huawei Vision X65 is equipped with a sound system consisting of 14 speakers with a total power of 75 W.

Huawei Vision X65 - price and availability.

Vision X65

The TV is about to enter the Chinese market at a price of 24,999 yuan, which in direct conversion to PLN gives an amount of less than 15,000. zł. Quite expensive, considering the fact that we will buy 65-inch LG OLED C9 today for less than 9 thousand. PLN, and B9 for less than 6 thousand zł.

It is possible that the Vision X65, however, has some secret weapon justifying the high price - unless the camera is to be seen by us as such. Huawei plans to introduce the TV to European distribution later this year .

Huawei presents its first OLED TV. Yes, it will also reach Europe


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