Huawei Nova 7, Nova 7 SE and Nova 7 Pro are scheduled to be launched on April 23

Huawei launched the Nova 7i in February. Now it seems that the Nova 7 family has been expanded by a few more models.

According to a new rumor from China, the manufacturer will present the Nova 7, Nova 7 SE and Nova 7 Pro on April 23. They will be available a few days later, on April 28th.

The three models will all be equipped with HiSilicon processors, presumably the Kirin 820, the Kirin 985 and the Kirin 990 5G in the top model of the series.

All three models should also support the new 5G mobile communications standard. According to the reports, the price for the Huawei Nova 7 Pro should be the equivalent of EUR 456.00. The Huawei Nova 7 and Nova 7 SE should of course be even cheaper.

It's still just a rumor, Huawei itself has not yet confirmed the launch of the Nova 7, Nova 7 SE and Nova 7 Pro.

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