Huawei Mate Xs teardown: the repair nightmare in the video

Foldable phones with flexible displays are slowly but surely finding their way into retail. There is now the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip , the Huawei Mate X and Mate Xs and of course the Motorola RAZR . It is interesting to get an idea of ​​how they will be repaired.

Now the Huawei Mate Xs can be seen in the teardown of the repair experts from iFixit. A new hinge design and updated hardware compared to its predecessor as well as the latest EMUI 10 user interface are the main features of the model. The model is an expensive piece of technology with a price of around EUR 2,499.00. Still, iFixit did not hesitate to disassemble the device to examine the design and structure of the phone and rate it with a grade on its repairability scale.

Many of the components can only be removed with a lot of force due to the extra strong adhesive used. To get to the flexible display, you also have to be a bit more courageous, but this could damage the fragile OLED.

The Huawei Mate Xs is a real repair nightmare. So at the end of iFixit it gets a meager 2 out of 10 possible points. However, it is positive that the new hinge is constructed in such a way that dust and dirt have little or no chance. The excessive and extra strong adhesive can also be considered positive and contributes to the robustness of the device, as long as you do not have to take it apart and repair something.

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