HTC: Revenues rose in March despite COVID 19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shock waves through the smartphone industry. The demand for new devices has collapsed.

But somehow, even though it had been in financial trouble before the pandemic, HTC did experience some growth last month.

HTC has 2020 total revenue of 0.43 billion NT $ (14,2 million dollars) for March reported , representing a slight increase over the reported in February 0420000000 NT $ (13,9 million dollars). This increase is probably not due to new products, but to the two additional working days that were available in March.

This may not sound that impressive on paper, but it is still a positive milestone for the company. After all, it means that HTC has been able to maintain its sales rate despite the tremendous impact COVID-19 has on demand inside and outside of China .

March 2020 is also the third consecutive month that revenue hovered around the $ 14 million mark. This suggests that HTC is finally on the road to stabilization after many years of uninterrupted decline.

Certain effects of the pandemic are expected in April and the coming months, but so far 2020 has been a much more positive year for HTC than 2019. This is also due to plans to launch a 5G-capable flagship smartphone later this year to bring the market.

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