Honor extends the warranty on smartphones and introduces free door-to-door repairs

honor android 10

A nice surprise for Honor smartphone owners. The manufacturer extends the warranty, and you do not have to pay extra for repairs on the door-to-door model.

Honor today introduced new phones from the Honor 30 family for sale, but this is not the end of surprises from the Chinese company which is a sub-brand of Huaweia. The manufacturer has prepared two new products for people who have bought this brand's smartphones in the past.

Warranty extension for Honor smartphones

People who bought smartphones manufactured by Huawei under the Honor brand over the last two years can count on the extension of the warranty. For copies that end before 30 April, it will be extended by one month.

The extended warranty on smartphones is associated with an ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The manufacturer does not exclude that this one-off action will be repeated next month so far. This is not the only good news that has been given to us today.

Huawei and Honor smartphone repairs will be carried out in the door-to-door model.

Thanks to this, people affected by a device failure during this difficult time will not have to refer it to a point of purchase that is currently closed. They will also not be forced to order a courier at their expense.

The company, after the customer reports a fault on a special website , will send a courier to pick up the equipment. Huawei also emphasizes that after repairing devices are properly disinfected before they reach the hands of their owners again.

Honor extends the warranty on smartphones and introduces free door-to-door repairs


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