Here is the pad for PlayStation 5! DualSense is futuristic, radically different and packed with technologies

Not DualShock 5, but DualSense - that's the name of the official pad for PlayStation 5, which will be sold in a box with the console. Sony just showed him to the world.

DualSense, not DualShock - just the name of the new device indicates that we are dealing with more than just the evolution of the current solution. Sony has focused on completely new ideas and technologies. The appearance of the controller, which surprises with a white surface, has also been significantly changed.

DualSense with confirmed haptic language and dynamic triggers.

Oto pad dla PlayStation 5! DualSense jest futurystyczny, radykalnie inny i napakowany technologiami

As the name of the new controller suggests, touch will be a key aspect of DualSense. Hence the replacement of simple vibrating motors for much more advanced haptic motors that simulate a wide spectrum of surfaces and object behavior. Sony argues that holding DualSense in your hands you will feel the grains of gravel falling under the wheels of the car and the crumbling glass, breaking under the pressure of our blows.

Dynamic triggers will be an interesting complement to your physical sensations. Triggers will surprise the player with variable depth and variable resistance depending on the action and situation. They will behave differently when swinging the sword, and differently when shooting with a bow. Manufacturers can simulate fatigue, for example, with dynamic triggers; the player controlling the boxer feels more and more resistance under his fingers when taking a series of punches.

An interesting decision is to equip DualSense with a microphone.

DualSense z potwierdzonym językiem haptycznym i dynamicznymi spustami.

Of course, the built-in mic will not be as good, clear and effective as the dedicated solution in the headset. However, Sony wants to give players the opportunity to communicate in every situation. Also this emergency. Did you lose the battery in the wireless headset during the rally in Destiny 3? You no longer have to write this to clan members on Messenger. All you need is quick information via the communicator's microphone. The team will wait and you will quickly plug in the power cord.

Another interesting change is definitely the new angle of inclination of the handles relative to the hands and fingers. In this way, the significantly larger DualSense is to be friendly not only to owners of large and medium-sized hands. As expected, a USB-C socket has appeared in the controller, while the built-in battery will be more efficient than the one in DualShock 5.

I like the mass of interesting, cosmetic additions.

Sony wykorzystuje moment aby potwierdzić datę premiery PlayStation 5.

A careful observer will notice that the round PlayStation button has changed into a PS logo. The directional buttons and action buttons are now coated with transparent plastic. The touchpad has become slightly larger. Hence, it can be more precise and more useful. The LEDs were led sideways, while the lower part of the grips became more rough.

I also enjoy better tires on analogs that provide additional control. I hope that Sony will not repeat the error from the beginning of the PS4 era, where the gum on the first parts of DualShock 4 literally melted under the influence of thumb movement, friction and human sweat. I am also happy with the built-in speaker. Some developers use it in a fantastic, creative way and I'm glad that this opportunity will remain at their disposal.

Sony uses the moment to confirm the release date of PlayStation 5.

The presentation of the DualSense controller is an opportunity for Jim Ryan to confirm the earlier release date of the new console. PlayStation 5 will debut during the winter holiday season of 2020. This probably means the premiere at the turn of November and December. However, we still don't know the price of PS5. However, there are many voices, including me, heralding a higher initial price than in the case of the PS4 debut.

Here is the pad for PlayStation 5! DualSense is futuristic, radically different and packed with technologies


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