Here is the new iPhone SE - in front of the museum, inside the high school

Rumors have been confirmed and Apple has just introduced a new cheap phone. We check the specification and how much the iPhone SE (2020) costs.

Information that Apple is working on a completely new phone has been on the network for many months regularly. The smartphone was baptized by fans even before the premiere of the iPhone 9. This name would make a lot of sense, because the model with this designation never went on sale - the successor of the iPhone 8 was finally the iPhone X (where X is not a letter, and the Roman ten ).

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iPhone 9, or the new iPhone SE

According to previous rumors, expected by many iPhone 9 was to be in addition such a bridge between the old iPhone 8 with frames and the new from the X series (10) and 11 without frames. It turns out that the housing shaped like the iPhone 6 from 2014 actually put components straight from the phones from the previous year and ... this is not an unprecedented event.

Already in 2016, the Apple SE joined the iPhone SE, which combined old and new - the housing of the iconic iPhone 5s with components from a newer model. The smartphone, which we called the iPhone 9, is the spiritual heir of this model. It is for this reason that the phone connecting the classic housing with modern components is called iPhone SE (2020).

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iPhone SE (2020) - specification

The new device has a screen with a 4.7-inch diameter - like the iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and 8 from 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The display was closed in a housing with dimensions of 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm ... be very close to them. We can only hope that the iPhone SE (2020) fits cases from older models.

The LCD panel in the iPhone SE (2020) model has the same resolution as the one used in its predecessors, i.e. 1334 by 750 pixels. With a 16: 9 aspect ratio, this translates into a density of 326 ppi - identical to the iPhone 8, iPhone XR and iPhone 11.

The housing of the iPhone SE (2020) meets the IP67 standard and supports wireless charging.

On board, on the other hand, there was a Face ID scanner known from newer iPhones, but the Touch ID fingerprint scanner returned in glory and glory. It was placed in the Home button under the screen. As for the components, the iPhone SE (2020) drives the Apple A13 Bionic processor known from last year's iPhone.

This system consists of 6 cores (2x 2.65 GHz Lightning and 4x 1.8 GHz Thunder). Added to this is an unknown amount of RAM, but I bet it's 2 GB or 3 GB. This should be sufficient for the smooth operation of iOS, which will be pre-installed on the device at least iOS 13.4.

A nice surprise in the iPhone SE (2020) is also the camera.

Although we have only one universal lens here, instead of two or three that can be found in more expensive models, but at least it has quite good parameters. The iPhone SE captures the main camera with 12-megapixel frames at f / 1.8, while the selfie camera takes 7 megapixels (f / 2.2).

In addition, the housing includes communication modules, including Wi-Fi 5 (ac), Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS. The Lightning connector is used for charging. Unfortunately, we do not know the capacity of the built-in cell, but if it will be similar to the iPhone 8, then due to the newer processor the working time should be satisfactory.

iPhone SE (2020) - variants and prices

The new phone was quite attractive for Apple. The phone will be available in black, white and red. There are models on sale that differ in price and internal memory capacity. Prices start from $ 399 for iPhone SE (2020) in the 64 GB variant. In Poland, the iPhone SE costs respectively:

  • 64 GB - 2199 PLN
  • 128 GB - 2449 PLN
  • 256 GB - 2949 PLN

Here is the new iPhone SE - at the front of the museum, inside the high school


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