Google Maps with a new feature. They show restaurants with delivery and take-out food

Google Maps has received a new feature that will help you survive isolation. The application will highlight restaurants offering take-out food and home delivery.

If you launch the Google Maps app today, you'll see new buttons just below the search engine. These are special filters that allow you to display specific places and service points on the map. New is the addition of two filters: Takeout and Delivery. Both relate to restaurants in our area.

After choosing a given filter, we get further options to narrow down the results, including the option of displaying on the map only those restaurants that currently operate, or those with the highest ratings.

Thus, Google Maps is becoming a great tool to support smaller restaurants during the crisis.

Google Maps with a new feature. They show restaurants with delivery and take-out food

I don't associate Google Maps with searching and ordering food. I used to use Map to search for restaurants when I was abroad and did not know the city, but being at home I usually use aggregates like or PizzaPortal.

However, Google Maps works on a different principle, because it allows you to search for restaurants not by type of cuisine, but by location. In this way you can discover a small place in the area that can be supported by orders in these difficult times.

In addition, Google Maps works as it did before. After choosing a specific restaurant on the map, we see a complete set of information, including the ability to call by one touch of the screen, arrival time, information about the kitchen, and even the date of the last visit to the premises.

Food not only for delivery, but also for personal pickup.

It is worth noting that most restaurants offering delivery also allow for personal pickup. This is not obvious to everyone, and there are times when the reception works better and works more efficiently, while providing the same level of security as delivery.

I recently used this option myself and I was surprised by the adaptation of the premises to ensure the greatest possible security for customers and staff. There was a plexiglass block in the door, so it was impossible to go inside, although it was possible to look inside the restaurant and call the waiter. The opening in the plexiglass allowed for picking up packed food and possibly paying contactlessly at the terminal.

New in Google Maps is now available in Poland, both on Android and iOS.

Google Maps with a new feature. They show restaurants with delivery and take-out food


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