Google Maps adds a new filter for restaurants with food delivery

Although in times of confinement, Google Maps is one of the least useful applications, Google has continued to improve its functionalities, now adding a new food delivery filter.

And it seems that, from now on, Google will prioritize restaurants with food delivery service once we look for the closest establishments. In addition, making things easier for us, the Google Maps application for Android starts showing the new bubble " At home ".

In this way, from now on we can easily filter all those restaurants that offer this service. To do this we just have to open the application and click on the "At home" bubble located under the search bar.

Google Maps adds a new filter for restaurants with food delivery. Xiaomi  News

Once we press it, the application itself will locate our location and begin to search and show us all those restaurants that currently send food home .

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A fairly simple but extremely useful utility in these moments of confinement due to the coronavirus. And don't forget, stay home and wash your hands frequently, the fight against the COVID-19 is everyone's business.

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