Google is forcing manufacturers to brand Google Apps

Huawei shouldn't like that at all, but it's a new requirement from Google for all other manufacturers. Manufacturers are now being forced to use Google Apps branding on the packaging of their devices.

"With easy access to Google apps you use most" - this lettering has now appeared on the packaging of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. At first it was thought that Xiaomi wanted to dissolve Huawei with it. But this new lettering is now a MUST on the packaging if you want to use the Google services.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Box
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Box (Source: xda-developers)

Still is not really determine conclusively whether one then actually write on the packaging needs . Because this obligation on the part of Google is probably not new.

"This line on our Mi 10 series packaging boxes is in line with Google's longstanding brand guidelines to ensure consumers are properly informed about the software on the device."


Because so far this lettering has only appeared at Xiaomi, other manufacturers have nothing like that on the packaging. But maybe Xiaomi is only the first manufacturer and the others are following suit. Exciting, wait and see.

The Google article compels manufacturers to use Google Apps branding first appeared on Xiaomist .


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