Gears 5, "GTA in the Middle Ages" and Sherlock Holmes - the games you will play for free this weekend

Social isolation is at its best. While the government is introducing further restrictions and recommendations, we are preparing for the next weekend in four walls. In order not to go crazy in them, they are useful, among others video games.

Video game publishers have prepared some nice initiatives to make social isolation more pleasant. More productions hit the pool of free titles, just in time for the upcoming long weekend. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will play for free, incl. in Gears 5 and Sherlock Holmes. Below you will find links to the most interesting free offers.

Games for free in a pandemic - what's new?

Gears 5 on Steam completely free is a very interesting offer from Microsoft. The hit from Xbox One and the Windows 10 store can now be added to your Steam collection at no cost. The production will be available for free through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That should be enough to go through a really good story campaign. Gears 5 managed to make producers. This is one of the best installments of the series, and interestingly experimenting with elements of the open world.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is another great free game from Epic Games Store . After adding it to the collection, the title is assigned to our account permanently, without any time limits and sneaky hooks. And although Crimes and Punishments may not be the best detective adventure game under the sun, you can't deny its climate and interesting intrigue. It's definitely worth considering the two clicks you need to get the game for free.

Rustler is advertised as "GTA in the Middle Ages." The Polish game refers to the first two-dimensional views of Grand Theft Auto. Developers focus on black humor, intense action and genres pastiche. An extensive prologue for an unusual but certainly intriguing production can be downloaded for free on Steam .

Hitman recommends his unusual services, temporarily performed completely free. You can test the game with the most popular custom assassin throughout the weekend, starting today. Just add this production to the Steam collection and then start admiring the giant locations that allow you to complete tasks in many different ways.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is an exaggerated street basketball game that can be played for free for six consecutive days starting from Friday. Just in time for a longer Christmas weekend. If you fancy a bit of virtual sport, just add this product to your Steam collection . Don't expect a realistic simulator.

Recognized Master of Orion for free, permanently. To this with the addition of Th Revenge of Antares. To win the space strategy at no cost, you must launch World of Tanks or World of Warships (Free2Play) and complete several combat missions. A detailed description of how to obtain the Master of Orion can be found at this address .

Gears 5, "GTA in the Middle Ages" and Sherlock Holmes - the games you will play for free this weekend


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