From tomorrow in Biedronka, the cleaning robot Hykker Navi Space for PLN 449. I checked him out

Already on Thursday, April 2, the Bykronka Hykker Navi Space cleaning robot will cost PLN 449. We've had the opportunity to use it for a month and we know if it's worth the money.

It will not be a long text because, as a rule, we do not try to devote too much space to equipment that will disappear from the shelves within a few hours and will probably never appear on them again. This is the case with the vast majority of equipment available in Biedronka and the tested cleaning robot should not be an exception to this rule. So if you want to buy it, you have to go shopping on Thursday morning.

Hykker Navi Space makes a very good first impression

Hykker Navi Space looks really nice and has good workmanship. This is due to the plastic housing, the individual elements of which are well fitted together. Therefore, there is no risk that this equipment will fall apart after a few months of use.

It is a very solid robot, which at first glance does not differ from other devices in a similar or slightly higher price shelf. It is also nice that the casing is matte, so it doesn't collect fingerprints, and the dust is not visible on it as much as on equipment with a shiny casing.

The cleaning robot from Biedronka has a classic, round housing without any extras, such as a handle to carry equipment. On the upper part of the housing there were only two buttons responsible for starting the robot and its return to the docking station. On the side there is an additional button that allows you to release and remove the waste container. Classic.

Hykker Navi Space - how is it cleaned?

After turning the robot upside down, you can see two side brushes that scrap the dirt into the central part of the vacuum cleaner. There is a single rotating brush that scoops dirt into the container. In a nutshell, in this respect Hykker Navi Space is no different from other devices of this type. There are no additional solutions here, but nobody expected them either.

When it comes to navigation, it's also really good, but ... not always. The robot easily travels the entire apartment and can do it for up to 1.5 hours, because the built-in battery allows it. Thresholds 1 cm high are not a problem for him, but also legs from a table or chairs. The 2D navigation system with gyroscope works perfectly here, at least when driving on the floor or carpet. Then cleaning goes smoothly.

The problem was a long pile rug. I have one in the living room and after entering it Hykker Navi Space just turned off. Let it not be: this was not the first vacuum cleaner to lose this fight, it is a very difficult test for low-price devices. I suspect that this is the fault of a too weak engine, but on the other hand, thanks to it the robot works very, but it is very quiet. Most of my automatic vacuum cleaners I just wailed, and the Hykker model had a very good work culture.

Operating modes and application

Hykker Navi Space works by default in automatic mode. Then he analyzes the cleaned rooms and selects the working parameters. There is also the option of cleaning one room and an edge mode that improves the cleanliness of corners and edge surfaces. The last mode is spot cleaning, in which the robot starts working in a specific place, and then comes in ever wider circles. In addition, it is possible to adjust the vacuum power using eco, normal and turbo modes. They differ from each other by suction power and rotational speed of brushes.

A robot is also attached to the robot, but I have to admit that I never used it once. Instead, I preferred to use the Hykker Smart Home application, which I have already used during Hykker lighting tests. Its installation is necessary to connect the robot to a Wi-Fi network and use its full potential.

The program allows you to start the vacuum cleaner, order it to return to the base, select the operating mode and set the operation schedule. This last function will make the robot be able to clean the apartment in our absence and after the end of operation returns to the docking station. The application also allows you to check whether the robot has definitely cleaned the entire apartment and where the device is located when it prematurely finishes its work or hangs. It's hard to fault anything here, everything is in place and it just works.

Hykker Navi Space - is it worth buying?

The cleaning robot from Biedronka is not ideal, but certainly good at its price. For 449 PLN we get a device equipped with all the necessary functions, which is able to easily clean an apartment up to 50 sq m. Its only major drawback is the fact that it can't handle long-pile carpets. In the future, there may be a problem with the availability of spare parts in Biedronka, which means you will have to buy them on Allegro or from Chinese sellers.

If you have a small, carpet-free flat and are looking for your first cleaning robot that you won't spend a lot on - Hykker Navi Space may be a good choice. A few years ago I started my adventure with cleaning robots with equally cheap equipment and became a fan of automatic vacuum cleaners.

From tomorrow in Biedronka, the cleaning robot Hykker Navi Space for PLN 449. I checked him out


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