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President Donald Trump has just signed an implementing regulation establishing the US approach to the extraction of natural resources in space.

According to the White House, water ice and other natural resources that will enable the United States to establish a long-term presence of people on the moon belong to everyone who needs them.

According to the regulation, the country recognizes that current regulations, such as the Space Treaty of 1967, allow the use of lunar natural resources. However, it is worth reminding here that, like other major space powers, the United States did not join the 1979 Moon System, according to which any non-scientific use of space resources should comply with international regulations. In 2015, Congress passed a bill explicitly allowing US companies and citizens to use resources on the moon or asteroids.

The new regulation sets out even more clearly American policy, emphasizing that the United States does not perceive space as a "global common good" and plans to extract raw materials outside Earth without having to sign any international treaties.

The purpose of the regulation is to clearly define the position of the United States in the context of negotiations with international partners regarding the implementation of the Artemis manned moon exploration program.

As part of the Artemis project, two astronauts would land on the surface of the Moon in 2024, thus launching a program that by 2028 should enable the establishment of long-term human presence on our natural satellite.

Looking long-term, the moon is not the final goal of the program, but only a stage on the road to developing technologies that allow astronauts to venture into increasingly distant regions of space, and eventually to Mars.

Found not stolen


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