For the third time history repeats itself ... Xiaomi returns to remove the update to Android 10 of the Xiaomi Mi A3

A few days ago we informed you that Xiaomi had released the long-awaited update to Android 10 for the Xiaomi Mi A3 for the third time. A new update that beyond failing after so many attempts, its deployment has finally been canceled .

Android One and Xiaomi do not seem to go hand in hand, without going any further, after deploying Android 10 to the Xiaomi Mi A3 for the first time in late February, the firm decided to withdraw this update due to its innumerable failures or even to block certain terminals .

After that, the firm launched a second attempt again in mid-March, which ended being canceled within a few hours. Again, the bugs and countless bugs made the system virtually unbearable.

No, the third is not defeated ...

The same has happened with the third attempt that the firm made on April 8. After thinking that this would finally be the definitive one, Xiaomi has returned to launch an unfinished update, with countless flaws that have made it have to withdraw it again.

As several users have reported, constant reboots or excess consumption of the battery has made the use of its terminals practically impossible. These are joined by other failures such as errors in the fingerprint sensor , in the camera or even in the overall performance of the system.

Without a doubt, very bad news not only for users, but for Xiaomi that sees one of its Series based on Android One losing the charm it achieved thanks to the great success of the Xiaomi Mi A1 and Mi A2.

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In short, if you have a Xiaomi Mi A3 and this update arrives, we recommend that you do not install it until Xiaomi gives an explanation about it and definitively launches a worthy update. Don't forget that always, before updating you have to make a backup copy .

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