Finally, I will get rid of the "Bzdety" folder. In iOS 14, the function of launching applications without installing them will appear

In iOS 14 there will be a mechanism that will allow you to run applications without installing them.

In the viscera of the Apple mobile operating system, an interesting function has been discovered associated with a QR code reader. The mechanism is very simple. It consists in the fact that after scanning the code, a card will open in which we will get access to a specific function of the application. Currently, when we scan the code, the Safari browser opens in iOS.

The new API is called Clips. When the user scans the code, he will get access to part of the application. It will also find links to download its full version, and if it has already been installed, it can be opened.

9To5Mac reports that Apple is testing a function with the OpenTable application that allows booking tables in restaurants. The DoorDash app for ordering food online, PS4 Second Screen and YouTube is also on the list.

The Clips feature in iOS 14 may be a useful novelty.

I often download applications to uninstall them a few minutes later when it did not meet my expectations. Of course, we will get some knowledge about the software from screenshots and videos in the App Store, but it happens that instead of screenshots we see presentation slides that show little.

The downside is that the Clips mechanism has been linked to the QR code scanner built into the camera. Therefore, we do not know whether we will be able to try the application in a different way, which would be desirable.

Another doubt concerns the application features that the software developers will provide as part of Clips. It is initially known that the developer will determine what the iPhone owner will see after scanning the code.

In the case of YouTube, he will be able to, for example, play video without the need to install the application (which, let's agree, probably installed anyway). If, through Clips, you could, for example, reserve a table once, without having to install the application and - even more importantly - register in it, then such a function would make a lot of sense and could serve us in cases where the occasional use of some solutions.

I myself have on the iPhone a folder called ... Nonsense, in which I store applications that I use from a big bell. If Clips offers more than an interactive software preview, I can get rid of it.

Finally, I will get rid of the "Bzdety" folder. In iOS 14, the function of launching applications without installing them will appear


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