Do your icons look sick? OneDrive has been the victim of a coronavirus epidemic

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The icons of your files on OneDrive suddenly started to look like they were broken? No, this time it's not a failure, but the planned action. Microsoft is adapting its cloud to the prevailing crisis.

Microsoft has just announced further restrictions on the operation of Microsoft 365 services. As he explains, social isolation means that his cloud has never been so intensively consumed. And because Microsoft's clients include government, scientific, healthcare and other key players struggling to stop the coronavirus epidemic, it is crucial to provide them with IT services in a continuous and stable manner.

The company has already managed to introduce several restrictions to Microsoft 365 services , including OneNote, SharePoint and Teams. Separately, several restrictions were placed on the Xbox Live network. Today, Microsoft announces the introduction of more. OneDrive users on Windows and macOS will notice this.

OneDrive file icons - thumbnails do not work? So it has to be…

OneDrive for Windows and macOS dynamically manages the space it occupies in the computer's local memory. The files we used recently are left in this memory, while those we have not looked into for a long time are removed from it.

The latter, however, are visible in the operating system as if they were still in that memory. Attempting to open them will start a silent download of data in the background, so that the file will open in a moment as if it was always in memory. File managers and system search engines also display this data as if it were offline, along with relevant thumbnails and metadata information.

It is these files that stop displaying their thumbnails, especially if you choose large icons in the system folder view. The exception are photo files whose thumbnails will be generated further. Others, such as documents or video files, will be represented by a generic Windows or macOS file icon.

Fortunately, it is a small thing, although it is good to be informed and know that this is not a malfunction in our computer or OneDrive application, but the planned operation.

Do your icons look sick? OneDrive has fallen victim to a coronavirus epidemic


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