Coronavirus pandemic: over a million infected worldwide and disturbing statistics from Poland

According to the latest data collected from around the world, the number of people infected with coronavirus exceeded one million. 55 thousand people died, of which the most in Italy (almost 14 thousand), and just over 200 thousand have been cured. How does Poland compare against this background?

In our country, according to official data provided by the Ministry of Health, so far 3266 people have become infected, of which 65 have died and 46 have recovered. According to most forecasts, we will achieve the peak increase in the number of infected in Poland within the next two or three weeks.

Coronavirus in Poland

The analysis made by ExMetrix, whose modeling platform is largely based on the capabilities of machine learning algorithms, shows that the maximum number of coronavirus infected in our country will be 9,000 and that it will happen around April 20. Then this number is about to start falling.

According to the same model, the largest increase in the number of infected is expected to end around April 8. It will be a good time to verify the whole of this forecast. Let's keep our fingers crossed to make it real.

Unfortunately, there were also very disturbing statistics

It is about the number of doctors infected with coronavirus who need to be referred to quarantine, problems with the availability of medical staff may start in Polish hospitals. Add to this the current rate of increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus, it could be a recipe for disaster.

The current balance of infections among doctors, nurses and medical staff is 461 people, and 5038 people working in health care have been excluded from patient care - these data come directly from the Chief Sanitary Inspector. It cannot be ruled out that these figures remain underestimated, as the data from GIS do not include, for example, the Świętokrzyskie voivodship, where according to the findings of Pulse of Medicine , medical personnel were infected.

- If it's true that 461 healthcare workers are infected with SARS-2, it accounts for over 17 percent. all detected infections! - one of the highest percentages in Europe. This is a system problem. New, detailed recommendations for personal protection and work organization in hospitals are needed. - comments on Twitter Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski , a pediatrician and an expert in the field of immunology and infection therapy.

The percentage of infected healthcare workers in Poland is one of the highest in Europe, which is very worrying and may mean that our service, instead of being paralyzed by the lack of equipment, will be paralyzed by the lack of staff to service and care for patients in the most severe condition.

Our politicians, in addition to further work on tightening the regulations on social isolation, are also negotiating with the European Commission on lifting the Polish restriction on drug exports. This information has not yet been officially confirmed .

The Industrial Development Agency boasted that it managed to buy 300,000. tests for coronavirus from South Korea. Half of them have already reached Warsaw.

Let's stay home

I remind you that in the current situation, the best protection against coronavirus infection is common sense. No country in the world has an effective medicine or vaccine against coronavirus. This means that patients are treated only symptomatically and some simply cannot be saved.

And that's why you have to sit at home, wash your hands and go out only in really important matters. If we all follow these rules, we will not give the virus too many opportunities to spread and hopefully everything will return to normal.

Coronavirus pandemic: over a million infected worldwide and disturbing statistics from Poland


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