Clearer notification of Windows updates. You decide when the computer will not work

windows 10 2004 update notification

Windows 10 from version 2004 will have a changed appearance of the notification about the pending system update. It should be clearer and more convenient for us to curse the obligatory break from work as little as possible.

Probably the most hated feature of Windows 10 are its frequent and mandatory updates. Microsoft believes that the world of personal computers is much better when everyone works on a patched and modern platform, and game and application developers do not have to worry about many different versions of Windows for clients.

However, users have a different opinion. They expect their computers to always be ready to go straight to work - not that they have to stop working because the PC needs to mill the update for a quarter. Fortunately, the update process can be delayed until the day and time that suits us better. Soon, directly on a much clearer notification.

Windows 10 2004 with new update notifications.

Windows 10 2004 after downloading the files necessary for the upgrade will display a notification about the new look and content. The animated picture will ask you to connect the computer to the power supply so that the update is not interrupted by the discharge of the battery. The content will inform you that you need to apply the update in the near future, and three options will appear under the notification.

The first of them - Restart - will immediately launch the mechanism of applying the update. The second is Restart at night , which will result in waking the computer at 2:00 and applying the update. The third - Indicate the time - will allow us to decide for ourselves when our computer can save the new version.

Windows 10 2004 should theoretically appear in the second week of May at the latest. However, Microsoft will probably postpone the publication of a new version of the system to a later, unknown date. The company rightly explains that the current crisis is not the time for unnecessary breaks in the work of computers. Although it is possible that the 2004 version will be offered as an upgrade for those willing. An overview of new products in the new system can be found in this material .

Clearer notification of Windows updates. You decide when the computer will not work


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