Capcom hides Resident Evil 8 under the title VILLAGE. The new horror will be completely different

Take a look at the title VILLAGE. Thread? It can now: VIllage. Villani. Roman eight. Resident Evil 8 is coming and is in an advanced stage of development. The first players have already had the opportunity to play the latest survival horror Capcomu. What do we know about him?

The Capcom team must find great joy in playing with titles, letters and characters. I remember when during the E3 fair in Los Angeles the Roman number VII was cleverly hidden in the Resident Evil inscription. Now Capcom is organizing the first tests of the new production: VILLAGE, which is obviously smuggling the Roman eight. Village to Resident Evil 8 - a new representative of one of the best survival horror series ever made.

VILLAGE / Resident Evil 8 - what do we know about production?

To start with, it's worth writing about the interesting genesis of the latest game. The project was allegedly created only with the Nintendo Switch console in mind. It would not be surprising. Nintendo had received exclusive RE reveals from Capcom before. That was the case with great Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS, which only years later infected other platforms. RE4 was also initially created as an exclusive game for the GameCube console.

The initial Village tests proved to be so successful that Capcom decided to replace the spin-off with one of the main hits of the series. Again, this is not the first time such an event occurs with the Resident Evil brand. RE3: Nemesis was also supposed to be just a spin-off for the warmly received second edition. Capcom, however, changed his decision. Now the publisher took into account the very positive impressions of the first testers and decided that Village will debut on the market as Resident Evil 8.

This probably means that Switch will not get its Village version, as it was previously incompatible with RE Engine. Leaks say, however, that Capcom promised Nintendo another exclusive project. Rumors indicate that this would be a spin-off series in the style of Resident Evil Revelations. Perhaps even Revelations 3.

VILLAGE / Resident Evil 8 - beginning like RE4. Village, local community and a big secret.

Ethan Winters will be the main character of the new edition - a new acquisition of the series, which debuted in RE7. This time, Ethan will be more experienced and familiar with unusual phenomena. The protagonist will remain in relations with Chris Redfield - a well-known character in the series, as well as the main character of the first, fifth and sixth Resident Evil. Eight is to start with a "shocking" scene involving Redfield. In the game we will also see Mia Winters - Ethan's wife, whom we saved in RE7.

Ethan will start a dark adventure in a completely new place. The eponymous village is a solitary, snow-covered village with an old stronghold lurking in the distance. Associations with Resident Evil 4 are the most accurate. The main difference is in the behavior of the local community. Ethan can talk to the inhabitants of the settlement (dialogues in English). People don't attack him or resemble zombies. Instead, they are very introverted and react reluctantly to the newcomer.

VILLAGE / Resident Evil 8 - werewolves and a witch instead of zombies.

There are no traditional zombies in the new version of the game. Instead, the player stands face to face with humanoid beasts with animal bodies, reminiscent of werewolves. Such monsters attack using sharp claws, and they are very resistant to firearms. According to reports, the classic pistol is basically useless, while the player must have a mass of shotgun cartridges to knock down at least one such opponent.

Playable demo forces players to escape, barricade themselves in homes and so on. An alternative solution is slow, methodical creeping behind the backs of durable beasts. The player has no chance in a direct battle with the group of monsters. At least at the beginning of the adventure.

At the head of the werewolves is a woman who looks like a witch. The witch heralds her presence with an ominous laugh. She likes to watch the player, and when we shoot her, she turns into a cloud of insects, and then materializes in another place. The woman's private helper is to be a massive gorilla-like beast. Probably one of the bosses.

VILLAGE / Resident Evil 8 - hallucinations and delights an important element of the new game.

People who take part in the tests mention that the Village seems much more mystical and also full of supernatural phenomena. The player is to be tormented by realistic hallucinations, as well as other villagers. Reports mention that it is under the influence of hallucinations that one of the natives murders his neighbors, and the player must flee from him.

Of course, the Resident Evil series has never focused on ghosts and supernatural phenomena. Each riddle of the series is resolved over time. It will probably be similar this time. Perhaps hallucinations are one of the effects of the new biological weapon, tested somewhere near the snowy village at the end of the world. Which doesn't change the fact that in terms of climate, the game is significantly different from the views of zombies roaming the streets of Raccoon City.

Finally, I left the most controversial information:

Resident Evil 8 is a FPP game. All events will be observed from the first person perspective, exactly the same as in Resident Evil 7. In my opinion, this is a very good, refreshing decision. However, I know many fans who prefer the game from behind the hero's back. However, it is difficult to force Capcom to constantly reproduce the same pattern. Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake were already conducted from a TPP perspective. It's time for a change.

All reports on VILLAGE come from a closed Capcom meeting with Resident Evil brand ambassadors - fans participating in a special partner program. Players had the opportunity to play RE8 in March. Capcom has prepared at least two different versions of the game. The differences related to the interface appearance, character models and inventory.

Capcom hides Resident Evil 8 under the title VILLAGE. The new horror will be completely different


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