Big surprise: Google gives numbers for Android distribution

That you can experience it again. Google has now announced the current figures for the distribution of the individual Android versions for the first time in many months.

In May 2019, Google revealed for the last time which Android version runs on how many devices. Since then there has been radio silence again. It is interesting to see how a new Android version is doing and how many models the latest Android iteration is already running on.

But Google probably no longer wanted us to participate in the distribution. Until now current figures have been made available again.

Android distribution: Google calls numbers again for the first time since May 2019

As 9TOGoogle now reports, you can find the numbers for Android distribution in the Android Studio. So normal users find these new numbers not so easy. But do you want to know them? Are they still interesting at all?

Android Verteilung 2020
Android distribution 2020 (source: Google)
Android Verteilung 2020 API
Android distribution 2020 API (source: Google)

Android 10 can be found on 8.2 percent of all devices. However, Android 9 Pie with 31.3 percent and Android 8.x Oreo with 21.3 percent dominate - altogether more than half of all devices.

Nevertheless, it is a little shameful, as always, that Android 10 has barely reached a tenth of all devices after almost three quarters of a year. especially in view of the fact that Android 11 will be the next version in just a few months.

It continues to show Google's big dilemma, new versions of Android have an extremely difficult time spreading across devices. As always, the distribution remains fragmented.

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