Bad surprise: Samsung Galaxy A70 Android 10 update makes phone unusable

Oh dear, Samsung! Something went wrong! Because after the Samsung Galaxy A70 Android 10 update, some users have a nice paperweight. Because the update to the latest Android iteration leads to a hardware defect.

So not only Xiaomi does not get the Android 10 update baked. Samsung also has its problems with it. And if you own the Galaxy A70, you'd better avoid the Android 10 update.

As can now be read , the update is likely to cause massive problems especially for our neighbors in the Netherlands. So bad that some devices are even completely defective afterwards. A correct hardware defect puts the devices out of operation.

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is said to have two different versions of the PCB chip (among other things responsible for the charging process). But only one of the chips is said to have been considered in the Android 10 update. So the other one will probably be put out of action.

After the update, they can no longer be started, because the chip supposedly makes the phone think that it is not charged.

Samsung does not currently have a correct solution to the rather big problem either. Except for taking the affected users to a Samsung Customer Service Plaza for a chip repair.

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