As part of the #bankujzdomu campaign, Alior Bank offers a selfie loan

Even 150,000 PLN for 10 years can be borrowed from Alior Bank without even leaving home. Alior has just added to its offer a completely remote and automated loan application process using PHOTO ID. Customer verification will be done using a selfie.

Alior Bank introduces further solutions for the coronavirus pandemic. After he started recruiting startups with PZU to show how to best deal with an epidemiological threat, and on the other to propose solutions that will enable people to respond to similar dangers in the future in a much more efficient and effective way - Alior offers in its electronic banking service as part of the #bankujzdomu campaign.

Selfie loan from Alior Bank

The new proposal for Alior Bank customers is related to their proprietary verification method - PHOTO ID . It has significantly accelerated identity verification - the whole process currently takes no more than 5 minutes. At the same time, the solution is intuitive and does not require high digital competence. Now, thanks to PHOTO ID, to conclude a loan agreement you do not need a visit to the bank's outlet or forwarding documents by courier. Alior Bank provides a selfie loan.

Pandemic times have changed customer expectations. More and more services and products are being adapted to the remote mode. That is why we have accelerated a lot of work on innovative solutions. We want to implement tools that make it easier for customers to operate during isolation and allow quick access to banking products. A selfie loan is another offer in our offer that meets these criteria - says Paweł Kapias, Director of the Unsecured Loans Department of Alior Bank.

Verification, or photo ID

How does the Alior Bank selfie loan work? The person who agrees to this type of verification in the credit process will receive an SMS with a link to the authorization process to their phone, and in a conversation with a bank employee a verification code. Then she photographs her ID card and performs several commands recording them with the camera on her phone. As a result, the bank can check the identity document and confirm that the customer performs identification independently and consciously.

* The material was created in cooperation with the Alior Bank brand

As part of the #bankujzdomu campaign, Alior Bank offers a selfie loan


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