Android 11: seamless updates become mandatory

With Android 11, Google is introducing another mandatory measure. With the next major Android version, seamless updates will become mandatory.

Years ago, Google introduced seamless updates for Android. However, only a few of the manufacturers have used this form of updates to date. But that should and will change with Android 11.

The advantage of seamless updates is, of course, that updates can be installed while the user continues to use their device. The system is then updated in the background, at the end only a short restart is necessary.

It is incomprehensible why so few manufacturers have used this convenient form of updating so far. It makes the process of updating even easier.

Another advantage of seamless updates is that the update is first installed on a temporary partition. If everything does not work as it should after the restart, then the system can easily be reset to the old state.

So far, seamless updates have not been a requirement. But with Android 11 that will change now.

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