All new Xiaomi smartphones will have at least 4,500mAh battery

You have probably noticed that practically all the latest smartphones launched by Xiaomi far exceed 4,000mAh of battery. A rather striking figure that apparently has its explanation and thus the CEO Redmi has wanted to share it.

Without going any further, the new Redmi K30 Pro , the Redmi Note 9S or even the latest Xiaomi Mi 10 belonging to the Mi Series that generally did not have a long autonomy, they see how their batteries exceed even 4,500mAh .

This, according to Lu Weibing , CEO of Redmi as well as President of Xiaomi, is given for two fundamental reasons, closely related to the high energy consumption of current mobile devices:

  • The power consumption of the latest Qualcomm processors, that is, the Series 8, increases its consumption by around 20% compared to the Series 7 .
  • 5G technology leads to a significant increase in energy consumption, assuming even up to 20% more compared to other 4G smartphones .

And it seems that, according to Lu Weibing, a current mobile device with 5G, a latest-generation processor and a 4,000mAh battery, would obtain an autonomy approximately equivalent to what a 4G smartphone with a 3,200mAh battery would offer us.

We will probably not see more Xiaomi smartphones with less than 4,500mAh

Xiaomi Mi 9T battery autonomy problems after updating to Android 10. Xiaomi News

In conclusion, Lu Weibing assures that the minimum battery that should be integrated by smartphones equipped with 5G should be above 4,500mAh , a really good figure is the 4,700mAh of the Redmi K30 Pro.

This, coupled with the fact that at least in China, Xiaomi does not plan to launch more devices without 5G, it is really likely that we will not see new smartphones with a capacity of less than 4,500mAh , establishing itself as a barrier to overcome.

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