Able to withstand more than 5 minutes underwater, that s how tough the new Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is

In recent days we have not stopped receiving countless reviews of the new Xiaomi Mi 10 . Various reviews that usually show us its performance, autonomy or photographic quality but ... what about its water resistance and impermeability?

Beyond integrating an official IP certification where for now we have only seen in the Redmi K30 Pro , Xiaomi adds to its devices P2i Nano Coating technology, a liquid-repellent nano-coating.

Still, beyond protecting our terminal against beverage spills , rain splashes or high humidity environments , the P2i technology seems to be advanced enough to protect the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro against immersion in water of more than 5 minutes. .

Xiaomi Mi 10, able to resist more than 5 minutes underwater

This has been demonstrated by the YouTube channel Geardo , where they have tested the resistance to water and the general impermeability of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. An endurance test that sometimes gives "pain" to see, but which shows that the P2i protection Nano Coating used by Xiaomi is much better than expected .

And it is that, from Geardo not only do they use the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro under the shower, but they also submerge it completely for at least 5 minutes , resisting without difficulty and also remaining fully functional after it.

Without a doubt, one more test of resistance that shows us the great qualitative leap that Xiaomi has taken, not only in the internal components of its new flagship, but also in design and quality of construction .

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