A new study ensures that 80% of smartphones can be unlocked by using a false fingerprint

Over the years, mobile devices have incorporated various innovations for security. One of them has been the fingerprint reader, a quick and easy system to use but that apparently is not so safe.

This is demonstrated by a new report by the research team of the Talos Security Group , who after investing more than $ 2,000 in part of the devices, concluded that 80% of these can be unlocked through a false fingerprint .

As we can see in the study, a complete experiment where various smartphones with optical, ultrasonic and capacitive fingerprint sensors have been used, simply extract the fingerprint of the real user, optimize its definition and print it in 3D.

A new study ensures that 80% of smartphones can be unlocked by using a false fingerprint. Xiaomi  News

3D printing of fingerprints.

As a result, these 3D molds are capable of unlocking 80% of the time after 20 tries on each model, a high enough rate to deal with false fingerprints that with a little ingenuity and the necessary tools anybody could manufacture .

In summary Talos Security Group ensures that fingerprint readers have evolved in form and speed of use, but not enough to consider them a completely secure locking mechanism.

Source | Talos Security Group

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